Occupy Wall Street = Ultimate Alternative Festival?

Occupy Wall Street = Ultimate Alternative Festival

There’s this supah chill festival:
Occupy Wall Street

One of the biggest and hardest quests for all chill bros and broettes is to find the perfect alternative community. As pursuers of an alternative lifestyle you´re, always looking for that ultimate alternative experience to validate and reinforce your perceived indie-ntity.

I think I found it y’all.

Brochella, Lolzpalooza, and what-fuckin-evz else they have over in the East Coast have been the standard options for all those “fuckin computer programmers”.

Just two Brochella brosephs, making relevant(?) indie music videos.

The reality is that these events have lost their alternative qualities. This isn’t just because of their consistently lamestream line-ups or overpriced Red Bulls. This goes beyond all that trivial but pretty confetti. These ‘alternative’ festivals have been compromised because:

They have sold out to mainstream interests,

They have betrayed what made them in the first place:


Occupy Wall Street = Ultimate Alternative Festival

Expressing oneself at Lolzpalooza (credit: alaina.buzas via Flickr)

Occupy Wall Street is the pimp cup of alternative festivals.

Strolling through Zucchini Park I witnessed it: a truly alternative, free-spirited, indie-minded community of chill ppl just being part of an organic commune.

Occupy Wall Street = Ultimate Alternative Festival

OWS dubsitpolkgaze band (credit: David Shankbone via Wikimedia)

Inside this alternative utopia there is no use for money, everything is free: living spaces, Wi-Fi, laptops/computers, relevant(?) guest speakers, lil’ library with the latest John Grisham/Tao Lin novel, and even popular music artists.

Occupy Wall Street is a safe haven for all of you in the constant struggle of living an alternative existence in a commercialized world.

It is a free space where you can just be your true creative self. There are poetry events every week. You can make some sweet-ass beats and have ppl from ‘the community’ peer-review it on the spot. Fuck ‘music’ blogs trying to tell you what to lose your hearing to, fuck album/music ‘reviews’ trying to quantify your eclectic tastes.

Occupy Wall Street is this generation’s Woodstock

Occupy Wall Street = Ultimate Alternative Festival

OWS headliners (credit: David Shankbone via Wikimedia)

Occupy Wall Street doesn’t have all that oppressing/mainstream BS that the other festivals have. There are no VIP tix, no sold-out events, no overpriced energy drinks, no porta-potties, no bouncers, no closing time, and no [more] Borebrah Streissand remixes.

Unlike those corporate sponsored indie music festivals Occupy Wall Street is not confined to a physical location.


This indiefest has gone viral and it’s coming to a park/privately-owned public space near you.

Do you think Society as we know it is fuckin’ over?

Are you going to Brochella/Lolzpalooza this year?

Is there an Occupy Wall Street festival near you?

Occupy Wall Street photo credit: David Shankbone via Flickr.

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