What are the most alternative drugs?

So many drugs to chose from but not sure which one(s) compliment your alternative lifestyle…


Neon Indian – Should Have Taken Acid With You
Party Drugs

'just doing some lines before ____ starts their set'

As you probably know, having an alternative lifestyle makes your choices a bit more tricky.

Your indie-ntity needs constant pruning/reinforcement in order to stay relevant.

From curating your indie playlist to cherry picking your indie wardrobe accessories – you need to stay on top of your alternative game, otherwise you’ll get chastised by your indie peers.

You wanna be perceived as edgy but not as trying too hard by your peers and/or party photographers.

It seems that every alternative “scene” has its preferred drugs:

Danny Brown – Blunt After Blunt


Alternative medicine/drug?

"it really calms my back pain/arthritis" - grandma

Weed seemed like the best choice but it has lost much of its appeal because it’s pretty much legal and everyone is doing it.

Yeah, everyone – from fuckin’ college bros that post everything and anything Bob/Ziggy/old rap songs on stonerparty to fuckin’ computer programmers and even terminally [ch]ill grandmas.

“Winners don’t do drugs” — as quoted by losers that never get invited to relevant indie parties.

Straight-edgers [?]


Nah, I mean, seriously, electro war kids…

Do drugs ruin your life or do drugs enhance your indie experience?

Any idea on what’s the most sensible choice for rec’drug use that gets you pretty up there and doesn’t make a joke out of your alternative pursuits?

Maybe life is not about getting eff’ed up. Maybe the keys to opening your Doors of Perception are not designer drugs but something more holistic, more organic…

At the end of it all who has the last high?

Are you or your more indie bros/broettes big on drugs on your perceived alternative scene?

feature image credits: ddaa via Flickr

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