Indie bros/broettes: Get your ears wet with Solar Bears.

A couple of Solar Bears having a great time

Solar Bears have become a bit of a
manic obsession of mine.

I like what they’re doing overall so much that it has made it very difficult for me to put the following into words:

  • Their songs are extremely addictive.
  • There’s a TREMENDOUS amount of craft and mad skills put into their songs.
  • You should obsess over Solar Bears too. Now.
  • (And they do superb remixes too)

Here is a lil bio from the band:

Solar Bears features two members, John Kowalski and Rian Trench. The group released their debut EP Inner Sunshine and album She Was Coloured In for Planet Mu to worldwide critical acclaim in 2010.

Both received glowing praise from Pitchfork, Gorilla VS Bear, FACT Magazine, The Fader, Rough Trade, NME and The Irish Times. The album also featured heavily in best of end of year lists, taking influence from Moroder, Neu, Bjork, Morricone and Aphex Twin.

Tape machines and handheld recorder are used to created a dated recording sound while blending analogue and digital technology as well as acoustics with electronics.

It has created a huge impact on the blogosphere and in music publications simultaneously. The band also remixed artists such as Keep Shelly In Athens and Sun Airway.

Solar Bears are NOT chillwave.
They’re on a class of their own, really.

Solar Bears!

(credit: Solar Bears)

Solar Bear’s music is a hypnotic, trippy, and at the same time a beautifully crafted audio trip that seems out of some weird cinematic montage.

Listening to their songs you can’t help but feel transported to some surreal scene straight out of a film portraying an outdated, nostalgic future.


Which is not that surprising since the duo draws inspiration from vintage films like Solaris.

So yes,  Solar Bears do have that lo-fi aesthetic and that nostalgia evoking sound — but I think that labeling them as “another chillwave act” is short-changing the duo.

Considering the way they collaborate and go about their creative process, Solar Bears seem poised to keep pushing the envelope by experimentation and continually re-inventing their sound — always delivering delicious soundtracks for your life.

Their songs draw inspiration from many different sources.

The songs differ from each other, yet you’re always able to pick up on the duo’s signature sound.

Solar Bears vision

(credit: Solar Bears)

Solar Bears recently played Viral Radio and were also at the Illectricity Festivalthis past weekend.

For those of you who were fortunate enough to see them kudos, I’m supah jeal :/

If you like what you like and have good taste go ahead and show Rian and John some luv via FB, dip your ears in their SoundCloud, and/or hit ’em up on MySpace.

Solar Bears got “reviewed” by the usual suspects, but give them a listen — they’re for sure certified fresh.

feature photo credit: Solar Bears

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