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Lo-Fi and You

Lo-Fi was first used to describe a certain music aesthetic (read: poor quality), eventually transforming into a full-on musical form that grew and became a long established and appreciated way of delivering audio (think Dylan’s The Basement Tapes).

In our post-post-anything world, Lo-Fi, or at least the Lo-Fi aesthetic, has more to do with the way we perceive our indie-ntity than any particular sound or music genre.

Indie-minded chillbros and broettes are into lo-fi because it’s something they are able to relate to. They feel it’s a concept that resonates with their alternative lifestyle.

From D.I.Y culture, to breaking away from industrial/social standards, Lo-Fi and alternative culture share many of ideas that go beyond music and bands.

Lo-Fi captures some of the qualities of what it is to (pretend to) be indie:

The desire to stand out from the rest, while at the same time seeking recognition from the majority.
The archetypical David vs. Goliath narrative.
Going against the (mainstream) establishment.
The romantic ideal of the underdog.

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Fright Night (Nevermore)

Lo-Fi is about the experience: Reality vs. Hyper-Reality

Lo-Fi vision

Broward from Grover's Cleveland

In a world saturated with HD T.V., high quality Youtube/Vimeo vids, virtual realities, etc. there is an inescapable sensation of things and events being so far removed that they become meaningless. This loss of meaning makes it impossible for us to relate to them in any meaningful way.

What you, as an indie-minded chillbro/broette, want is to experience the world in an unfiltered, natural, raw state.

You want to live every moment in a constant NOW, no time for do-overs or edits, just the sensation of living an authentic moment in your alternative life and experiencing it in real time.

Acute detachment is the price paid for hyper-reality.

Don’t misunderstand though, I am not advocating for a regression in technology. What I am saying is that both the Lo-Fi and the Indie mindset are all about seeking an uncompromising vision of what is intimate, real, and meaningful.

Do you Lo-Fi?!

Big Troubles – Georgia


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