Tippy Mang: May 2012

Tippy Mang: May 2012So like, Tippy Mang is our monthly digest where we re-share our most played songs, mixes, videos, and easter eggs previously featured on Sweetest Drip.

May was pretty chill. We got our first exclusive release by Noms (who also put together the Swagu Drippin’ mix in April) ♥

Forecast for June? Moist, sweaty wake-ups, that’s for sure. I’m excited, are you~?

Hopefully Tippy Mang can give us some PROTIPS on how to continue the fun throughout June.


Bridge & Law – Games (Bufi remix)

DSKOTEK – MEGAMAN (Noms “Robot Master” Remix)

Baauer – Harlem Shake

Lady vs Djemba Djemba – Throwin Dice/Twerk

Ghibli – Sprig Of Life

Contact Lens – 2 THA DAWN


Caution x Heatwolves – Love Bang Mix 4 西部 (The West)

Diplo – Sirius XM: Blow Your Head 12 MOOMBAHTON 2k12 MIX!!!!!!!


Cyclist – Live at The Arsenal, LA (5/12/12)


Kindness – House

Para One feat. Teki Latex – Lean On Me

Blood Orange – I’m Sorry We Lied

Nicky Da B – Hot Potato Style

The Very Best – Yoshua Alikuti

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Here’s to a beautiful month of June~

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