Indie Playlist Monday: April 2, 2012

Indie Playlist Monday: April 2, 2012

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01. Marius – Come With Me (Louis La Roche Remix)

Roddy: Louis La Roche twerkin’ his magic on this number; don’t need anything else to face Monday.

02. Air France – It Feels Good To Be Around You
(Memory Tapes Version)

Roddy: As you probably know, Air France is no more 🙁 They announced it via their tumblr a few days ago with a brutally honest and downer of a post. . . Memory Tapes offers this remix as a farewell to the duo that made some sweet tracks (and some personal faves of yours truly). Enjoy!

03. Memory Tapes – Wait In The Dark (Jensen Sportag Remix)

Roddy: Not new but certainly a suppah fresh remix of Memory Tapes’ Wait In The Dark by the ultra smooth Jensen Sportag!

04. Crossover – Wraith In The Woods

Roddy: Diggin’ the dark vibes with some retro electro flair (maybz some ’90s)? Definitely not a usual pick for me but it’s all about GTFO’ing from dat comfort zone.

05. Demas & Koki – Week ‘n Days (Toppen/Le Pimp Remix)

Roddy: Very little is known from Toppen/Le Pimp (I like the name Le Pimp better). He is from Sweden.

06. Curtis Vodka – Here Is Where U Wanna B
(Noms <コ:彡 Remix)

Reuel: I feel like I’m starting 2 get my feet wet with all the Internet-waves washing pon my desktop. Noms was introduced to us by Croydon, whose super-insightful chat brought me 2 where I wanna b as a listener of fine musics.

07. Djemba Djemba/St Andrew – Is U Rollin?

Reuel: Thanks to Eric of da Sweetest Drip fam, I’m trapped on this beat. Sometimes it’s just nicer 2 wake up feeling geeked up like Flipper; doing hoodrat shit with friends, whatever.

08. Perseus – Love in Zanzibar

Reuel: Lovin’ is definitely easier with a 90s vibe. Here’s to waking up next to that lucky charm who rides when it’s time to ride.

09. Elite Gymnastics – Here in Heaven 4 & 5 (CFCF Remix)

Reuel: so tired / gimme five mo minutes / ‘n a cuppa orange juice / cause I’m really really trippin’ AKA waking up at 4:00PM like a boss 2 this song.

10. Muffin – Some Sort of Mix

Reuel: I don’t care about n. e. thang but deez choons. There’s a kitty litter box for all da bullshit.

We’ll be sure to keep your seat warm and the groove intact until next week’s indie playlist — Sweetest Drip got yer back.

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