Indie Playlist: August 27, 2012

Lately I’ve been gettin’ it right gettin’ it tite. Life is amazing and each moment is super-exciting.

I can’t help but smile ear to ear because you, my Sweet bbs, are my sunny D-LITE.

01. Traxman – Da World Around Us

I stayed up til 6:30AM this morning catching up with a week’s worth of world news on dat Google Reader, and for the time being I feel like I’m more connected wit bb Earf’s joys & struggles. Sometimes it’s pretty tough to keep up to speed with the world around us, especially with it moving at a juke-like pace.

Should you find a comfortable way to K.I.T. wit da blu & green bb, keep an eye out for precious bundles of joy like Traxman’s Heat, an EP with neo-footwork that’s bound to leave closed-minded anti-Earfling knuckle-draggers in the dust.

02. Holy Other – Held

If you’ve never felt the loving touch of some1 holding u close, let Holy Other comfort you with these tracks released on ambient bros-in-arms TriAngle Records. Or you can let me caress dat Sweetest bb face thru da Internetworks (via srsly loving u).

Times are tough, but I know you can make it if you Love Some1.

03. Morning High – Take Me On

The exploration of “future-sound” is explored by young guns like Morning High out of Hotlanta, Gawgia. At the helm of new-beat purveyance is the synergy between humans and portable/powerful computing. Despite outcries that this type of music is less respectable since it usually doesn’t incorporate live instruments and is “nothin’ moar than pushin’ buttanz,” I posit that critics GOTSTA remember there’s human element involved and that’s all you need for spawning trill creativity.

04. Collarbones – Hypothermia (feat. Guerre)

So like, keeping the above in mind, real-time collaboration is a lot easier with fiberoptic feelers. That’s how Collarbones and Guerre came together on this Internet pop track out of OZtralia. All we wanna do is vibe hard wichu.

05. Walker & Royce – Little Things

lil thang dedicated to all those who are God’s greatest gift on Earth comin’ atchu from Brooklyn’s Walker & Royce. Sources say that Little Things is a rework of Janet Jackson’s What Have You Done For Me Lately. I totes endorse keepin’ da nu-disco inferno alive for all of us who didn’t have groovin’ 60s/70s parents or even 80s siblings to help shape our aesthetique~

06. Suzanne Kraft – Horoscope

I’ve never been the one to say “ay girl, what’s yo sign?” cause I figure it’s nice to take the time to appreciate a breathtaking bouquet rather than dicking straight into pussy petals. ‘Tis the beauty of Suzanne Kraft from LA grow house label, Young Adults.

Look at me Gwi Soon bb

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