Indie Playlist: August 13, 2012

Shoutouts to everyone spinning vinyl, manipulating ones and zeros, and straight-up twerkin’ their asses off in the name of trill life. Whoever and whatever you are, as long as you’re doin’ you we love u too bb.

I suspect you’re wondering why some fool named Teuel Riosejo is trolling the fuck out of you and your interests. I read a Wikileakzzz article saying he’s a peaceful spacenoid who’s trying to connect deeply with all Earthlings he encounters on his journey to the lost realm of Trill.

Or maybe you’re a fresh driplet checking out Sweetest Drip for the fourth time, hoping we’ve laid off the pipe in order to publish coherent & palatable Neue Yhorker-style journalism. SO SOLLY SOLJA BOYEE. This is Sweetest “Lil BB” Drip, where we luv u long time without fucking you over. Still don’t get it? Here’s a quote

I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind. — King “Yung Based Solomane” Solomon

Life (lol) is a rehashed game of World of Exciting Mariocraft 69 on Microsontendo Funbox XLE TT ZTEC (with a reasonable MSRP of $

Luckily, you’re a new player with a unique set of perks to take it on like a boss that paid the cost. We’re your personal Game Genie, providing you with Tips & Tricks & PROTIPS to help you on your quest towards being a TRU GAMEPRO.


I just found out about Antwon today after whining about how I didn’t vibe with much music this week (sorry 4 da tears Howard). Felt a lil down; definitely a bit depressed. Whenever I start feeling this way, I close my eyes and connect to the Internet/Earth to let it know that it’s not at fault and that these are tears of frustration because I’m not being real enough.

It’s cool though; yung wayfarers on the path to Trill like you and I have the luxury of friends who share awesome work created by great minds. Shortly after my whinefest, I found this video shared by Lil Texas on Facebook, who dubbed it the hardest ish right now. Tears be gone: The sun is high & so am I.

Living Every Dream is touted as the ∆∆∆ OFFICIAL SUMMER JAM 2012 ∆∆∆, a claim that sits well with new and OG Antwon fans alike. Since California’s home to so many big thangz poppin’ like your brus at Sweetest Drip, we just wanna make sure hot jams like these are appreciated by patrons of renaissance manes & honeys worldwide.

Some cool-guy bullet-point insight on Antwon:

Uh honestly, fuck cool guy shit. Instead, have fun with tracks like these anyway you see fit. In the name of optimism, we all talk loud but the real trick is to dream way louder as long as you’re not fucking everyone else over in the process. Werk hard, play harder, love hardcore. Can’t wait to see what Antwon has in store for us listeners tryna live out our dreams.

02. Contact Lens – OLD RACKS TROPHY

Contact Lens is one of the trillest beatsmiths I’ve had the pleasure of keeping tabs on. I lurk his social networks pretty hard for his music as he continues to show grow with each of his new releases. I love his take on slow’d life; I also really appreciate the lil gems with which he adorns on his Tumblr.

Beats like OLD RACKS TROPHY are what got me into Contact Lens in the first place, but you’ll want to check out these two uploads from the past month to keep up to date with this young Ohioan gentlemane.

I also challenge you to listen to his entire catalogue of beats if ya feel him fa real. When I first interviewed CL, he was a good way into the Screw Tapes series by the late and great DJ Screw, paying homage to the man who inspired his slow’d touch.

03. FearofDark – Rolling Down the Street, In My Katamari (Noms “Kawaii Till I Dai” Bootleg)

Noms is a real inspiration to all us yung trillionaires trying to hone in on our innermost desires. He’s always looking for new ways to pluck at our heartstrings on his love-koto (i.e. production equipment). Noms’ Kawaii Till I Dai bootleg of this Katamari Damacy song hits me right in the spot that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

If this sounds like a bunch of Japanese to you, then you’re right. Ask your local Lord of the Games to set you on a proper journey complete with balls, rolling, and feeling the cosmos. They’ll treat you with a quirky title called Katamary Damacy, an epic about a young Prince having to piece together a broken universe because his asshole father, the King of the Cosmos, fucks shit up for everyone just tryna chill.

It’s an uplifting story that helps hikokimori brus out with their dark times. Like how Noms mixes together meaningful fragments of 2cool4u niches into loveable om nom noms that are simply good for any soul.

If you’re tired of all the gun talk in your music, I suggest a lil peace of mind by way of a Japanophile producer who’s just too rare, positive, inspirational to be brought down by any hater. Looking for more? Noms has an interview and exclusive free download for his latest b i g choon Showtime, via like-minded trillblog The Dankles.

Hopefully this makes sense to minds not too boggled by rolling balls and na nananananana na na Katamari I love you talk. Ay Jackie, do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? No need for small talk when the answer lies in pressing ► and listen to all ♫ with an open ♥

04. Groundislava – Cool Party

While we’re on the topic of video games and not trying to be cool, allow us to present a teaser track for Groundislava’s Feel Me LP scheduled for release on August 28. Based off SoundCloud comments, I found out that the sample used for Cool Party was from classic role-playing game, Chrono Trigger. I know of the game and its acclaim, but I got into RPGs a bit late (Final Fantasy VIII) in life so I was kinda late to the videogame cool party.

But I do recognize a great sample when I hear it, and based off of this and other recent Groundislava works, I feel good vibes coming from the upcoming album. Groundislava fans can enjoy a nice read on five videos that inspired Feel Me over at blog ROSE QUARTZ.

Real talk: I’m truly grateful for Friends of Friends keeping it real and exceeding fan expectations by keeping a close clique of artists who have an understanding of what we like in our electronic music adventures.

05. FAWS – Other Peoples’ Poetry mix

Yours Truly is a top-shelf San Franciscbro-based blog that I’ve been keeping up with this year since diving deeper into the blogosphere. They’ve got this really great series of artist-curated playlists called Other Peoples’ Poetry that’s totally something you’ll want to fux wit sooner than later. I love how each artist includes a personal, handwritten note for their personal OPP mix to set the mood and get you in the know with the playlists and vibes they’ve selected.

FAWS, another mysteriously charming producer veiled by distance (he’s from Dublin) and the Internet, put together this Zen-as-you-can-get garden of tunes capable of making the biggest tank of a man tenderly clutch at his heart. This is true of most of my favorite OPP posts, especially the mixes put together by Elite Gymnastics, Solar Bears, Star Slinger, Blood Orange, Jensen Sportag, and Tomas Barfod!

If you ever need to get into the mood, or if you’re looking to unwind and lose yourself in sound it FAWS definitely feels like the type of bru who’s there for you. BRB while I recover from listening to the Blue Notes EP for the first time~

06. Hemingway’s Slow Cruise Mix Vol. 2 for The Ambitious C

Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s MaybelSHUTDAFUQUP!

I can’t seem to find the “right” words, mostly because it’s like 5:17AM and this new Sweetest layout has me thinking about so many future projects I’d like to share with my bbs. That, and The Ambitious C interview was spot on with analysis of Hemingway‘s Slow Cruise Mix, especially since author CCERADOY manages Hemingway under his Toronto-based Brilliantine label (now on my list of things to check out when I wake up tomorrow before Internet-ADD kicks in).

I can tell you that I’ve been listening to this mix for a week straight: at the beach, in the car, at home, while jacking o– I mean, werking out. If chillin’ is hard for you, Hemingway’s playlist will lay you down and lather you up with everything you need to relax.

yellow mind, brown body, black soul, white smoke, red eyes

Brown Body, Yellow Mind, Black Soul, White Smoke, Red Eyes, Rainbow Cosmos

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