HO HO HOWARD wishes you a Merry XXXmas

Here in California, the sun’s come down, and the insanity of Christmas get-togethers are just getting started (Monday-off baby!).

As you all rest content from over-eating–or lie hungry weeping alone over a cup of now-cold instant noodles, the Sweetest Drip community on Facebook would like to wish you the best with some tunes that would make Papa Santa spin on his North Pole.

Below are submissions from our great community. The theme was Christmas, but we also incorporated concepts of family, peace and other broad shit…. ’cause we’re not “fucking computer programmers“.

Without further ado, here’s our community-driven XXX-Mas Playlist (with commentary!).

01. Bright Eyes – Best Day of My Life

Howard: I thought I’d start it off with a classic Bright Eyes song. Nothing like a mix of sentimentality and togetherness to make you want to drink and pillage.

02. El Vez – Feliz Navi-Nada

Submitted by Drea Mora: I always loved Feliz Navidad, and this version is my favorite.That cheeky-ass nod (no pun intended) to Public Image LTD at 1:40 cracks me a huge smile every time.

03. Belle and Sebastian – O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Submitted by Drea Mora: Sorry, I have another one. I’m not religious, but this song is painfully beautiful and this rendition in particular even more so.

04. Deadbolt – I’m The One Who Gunned Santa Down

Submitted by Shawna LeFever: For grinches everywhere. Super old — it’s off the 91X-mas Loudspeaker Christmas CD

05. Tom Waits – Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis

Submitted by David Alonzo: This is by far my most favorite Christmas-related song.

06. Tim Hockenberry – Christmas by the Bay

Submitted by Brian Santos: One for the Old Souls.

07. Glass Duo – Sugar Plum Fairy

Submitted by Brian Santos
Howard: This shit is metal.

08. Ludacris – Ludacrismas

Marc: Luda comes down knockin’ your chimney with a bag of Southern fried swag.

09. Al Green – O Holy Night

Reuel: Al Green, serenading y’alls Christmas with his signature, shining soul.

10. Andre Violin – Greensleeves

Reuel: The bard’s tune that always got me in the holiday spirit. I’m but a young squire in this world of dungeons and dragons.

Happy Sweetest Drip!

Sweetest Drip wishes peace and goodwill to all.

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