Indie fashion meets 'The Ultimate Simple Solution'

Catti Aman

Catti Åman embodies children in true indie fashion.

Based in Stockholm, Tuss is a contemporary childrenswear line catering to the Scandinavian minimalist. As the creator and designer for Tuss, Catti Åman believes in the ultimate simple solution for children's fashion.

Due to her studies at the École du Louvre, Åman was influenced by Bauhaus architechture and the designs of French fashion line A.P.C., resulting in her minimalistic approach.

Tuss dances between clean-cut lines and raw hemlines with varied aesthetics to please a different type of clientele: the child with an ever-changing yet self-aware fashion sense.

For me, the concept of clothes or dressing is simple: Comfortable. Sustainable. Layered. Practical. Selected. Effortless. Uncomplicated. Reassuring. With a twist. Sort of like one would like life to be.
— Catti Åman (via Littlefashionblog)

Tuss is a unique take on indie fashion sensibilities.

Tuss is children's indie fashion

(photo credit: Abi)

Derived from the Scandinavian custom of practicality and functionality, Tuss clothing may seem contradictory to modern indie fashion.

Tuss’ creative process is not concerned by the bells and whistles normally associated with fashion. Åman eliminates any unnecessary element in her designs while keeping her offerings unisex.

Labels are not a concern during the design process of a Tuss piece.

Tuss is different from other brands due to the simplicity and quality of clothing not found at most boutiques.

 And that evokes just one word:


I work with a neutral palette because I think children’s clothes are gender defined from day one. . . I believe that finding high quality, simply designed clothing in neutral colors is difficult, so I wanted to fill that space in the market.
— Catti Åman (via nonchalantmom)


Tuss represents a true indie fashion label

tuss: the ultimate simple solution to advertising #5

Indie fashion is representative of those who go against the grain of the mainstream fashion industry. Catti Åman and Tuss represent indie fashion in childrenswear by blatantly disregarding the need for gender-defined frills and features in the design process.

The current childrenswear market is flooded with tasteless recycled trends solely focused on immediate sale and consumption.Overbearingly bright colors, rhinestones, and excessive branding represent the current fashion.

Åman uses minimalistic, monochrome schemes with careful selection of materials, producing clothing that is of superior quality. The limited production and select stockists also give Tuss avenues to sell high-quality childrenswear.

Tuss’ specialties are simplicity of use and interchangeability among both genders. Tuss’ provision of quality childrenswear allows fashionable children to express who they are at an early age.

Catti Åman’s approach to aesthetics allow for children to discover their fashion sense without having to sign away self-expression for a label.

Tuss is true indie fashion, allowing individuality to be bred from quality.

A joint partnership between Tuss and the renowned Swedish fashion house Acne resulted in a collaborative line.

In true Tuss fashion, the collaboration will see a limited production run during the Fall-Winter 2011/12 season.

Acne’s creative director and founder, Jonny Johansson is admittedly an avid shopper at Åman’s children’s boutique — resulting in the collaboration.

Åman’s designs bring a sense of style that highlights upon Tuss and Acne’s differences, yet harmoniously brings them together.

Indie fashion sense is developed during childhood

(photo credit: Catti Åman)

Children are individuals in indie fashion

(photo credit: Catti Åman)

Other childrenswear lines resort to techniques such as cheesy gimmicks that work only towards a quick dollar for the company.

Catti Åman has clearly defined her vision as to what appeals to her market.

With a solid foundation in the arts community and a scholarly sense of fashion do’s and don’ts, Tuss is mindful of those who want an ultimate simple solution to the everyday predicament of what to wear.

By keeping true to her vision, Catti Åman provides children with fashionable, high-grade selections from which they can springboard into future tastes.

Think what you will about indie fashion, but realize that parallels exist between Tuss and Gap Kids as they do with Kitsuné and Nasty Gal.

All can rest assured knowing Catti Åman’s vision presents the ultimate simple solution: keeping true to oneself is truly what represents indie fashion.

indie fashion feature image credit: smudgetikka

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